Different Situations Where Customized Home Health Care Is Needed

The arrangement pretty much varies from case to case, as even with the same kind of condition, an individual or family may still have different needs. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) points out that the services may be provided by medical professionals (e.g. nurses and physicians), health aides, or home care aides.

In Roswell, GA, providers of such home health services, like Homewatch CareGivers of North Atlanta, give personalized care. They evaluate each situation carefully, discussing details with the client to form a customized care plan, using the needs and preferences of each client as the basis.


Signs That You Need Professional Dementia Care for Your Aging Parents

Your beloved parents – they took care of you when you were a child. To return the favor, you want to take care of them in their later years. Be warned, though, that when it comes to caring for the elderly, situations vary from case to case and some may have it more difficult than others.

A common experience with elderly care is memory loss. It may be a natural part of aging, but it can also be indicative of a more serious condition. One of the possible conditions is Alzheimer’s disease. The only way to be certain if your parents are suffering from Alzheimer’s is to have a doctor’s diagnosis, but memory loss alone isn’t a sure sign of the condition. To tell if you really need to set an appointment with the doctor—and perhaps start making arrangements for home health care—you must know the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

How Home Care Professionals Help in Parkinson’s Disease Treatment


According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, about one million people are affected by Parkinson’s disease in the U.S. alone, with 60,000 more getting diagnosed each year. Many of these people need to be cared for by professionals on a daily basis. Dunwoody, GA home care professionals have a big role in the treatment of the elderly who live with Parkinson’s disease. Since they are with the patient most of the time, they see the signs of the treatment’s success first hand. Therefore, it is only right to be picky about your caregiver. Reputable home care agencies in the region like Homewatch CareGivers of North Atlanta can be your partners in caring for your loved ones.


Home Health Care for Seniors with Dementia: Engaging Mind and Memory

One of the most common symptoms of dementia is memory loss. Often, people with this degenerative disease have trouble remembering to pay the bills, tend to misplace important items, and often get lost. To maintain their quality of life, patients with progressive conditions of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease need to engage in activities that would stimulate their mind and memory. Seniors with dementia need to have a home health care plan specifically tailored to their needs. This way, they can participate in activities that are enjoyable and engaging at the same time. Home care agencies like Homewatch Caregivers in Alpharetta, GA can help you.